Monday, 7 April 2014

Capture those special moments with HAPPY SNAPS.....

OK cant help but share a couple of things I have done with another range that has been released this month.  With project life soooo popular at the moment and mini albums making a come back, I thought I would share these little projects with you.  This range is so cute and these are so easy to make.

First up the Camera Album - a great idea for a for a special occasion

Download Instruction PDF for this project HERE
and then with just about every company jumping onto pocket scrapbooking you need somewhere to store those special cards and little bits and pieces - why not try your hand at making one of these Scrapping Organisers from Kaisercraft.  The beauty of this project is that you can cover it in any papers it to suit your own home d├ęcor. 

Download Instruction PDF for this project HERE. This link also has a little video on how to put this
Beyond the Page project together, as at times they can get a little tricky.

If you get the chance make sure you drop by the Kaisercraft site and check out the whole HAPPY SNAPS range by Jess.  As you can see it is so bright, funky and absolutely perfect and versatile for both traditional and pocket scrapbooking.  Not only that there are both 3x4" and 4x6" cards available to match - "SAY CHEESE" - We would love to see what you create with them.

Back again soon - with yeat another favourite range - yes next month is very special.  (hmmm so who is Mr Fox?  - I'll leave you thinking about that)

Enjoy the rest of your day and thanks for stopping by.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Kaleidoscope - NEW Range NEW Projects

I know I have been a little quite on the blog front but I really have been very busy both at work and at home.  Moreso at home whilst i have gone part time for awhile...  With my girls getting older and all three at high school I am finding out that instead of needing me less they need me more..  Gosh I am getting really good at algebra all over again and well mums taxi service is in need of repair.  The extra time I thought I would have to organize more classes well just hasn't eventuated but im sure after Easter i will have more time on my hands - well thats the plan. 

Anyways just to share a few things i have done lately, well they feel so old now as we are working so far in advance, can you believe we are already working on ranges for next year. Every now and again a range comes along that you absolutely love and just want to reuse over and over again. Well this has happened AGAIN this month with Kaleidoscope designed by the gorgeous Clare.  actually that kinda happens very regularly here at Kaisercraft but this is one of those ranges that is one of my personal favourite.

Maybe it just has to do with all the gorgeous quotes and affirmations and i just love QUOTES in a big way - mix that with the slight Mixed Media style and well there you have it really...  take a look yourself or head over to our website for a closer look at each paper.

Then combine these with a couple of our home decor storage items and immediately the oooohs and ahhhhs began again....  the papers are so vertatile and just gorgeous to look at..... and again there are some things I create that im happy to give away and then there are a couple that I struggle to part with..

SB2223 Storage Cupboard
Imagine this filled with all your little bottles of paints,
embossing powders etc.  Double drawer below for those little bits and pieces.

SB2253 Turntable Drawers
16 drawers and a Tray top to fill with your favourite crafting goodies.
And for those who love a little bit of mixed media and playing with stencils and textures - i have had a little play with the ornate frame and some of the papers - looking at it now there are a hundred things i could do different and it would end up a complete different project but here it is for now.

And I sound like one of those adds on tv but truthfully it doesn't really stop there, the range also has CAPTURED MOMENTS cards to match - called LIFES TREASURES, so if you are into Pocket Scrapping, Project Life or whatever you want to call it, there is the most beautiful cards to match.  These cards are a definite favourite...

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Mother’s Day Workshop

I know many of you have been asking when the next one is.  Well is now finally organised.
Registrations are now open for the Mother’s Day workshop.
Join us for a day full of FUN, friendship,


For more information click on the Crop for a Cause tab above.  You can also download the registration form from here too…
Mothers Day2014

Friday, 31 January 2014

Melbourne Scrapbook Expo - Classes BOOK NOW BONUS.....

OK I have been missing in action lately from my blog but I have a couple of things here you may be interested in....  actually I have lots to share over the next few weeks but they can wait for now..

Once again the Melbourne Scrapbook and Papercraft Expo is on - its on  February 21-23, 2014 at the Royal Exhibition Buildings in Melbourne.  We had lots of fun last year so guess what we are back again to do it all over again - and I would LOVE to see some of you in my classes.

BONUS! Early booking incentive! The first 10 people to book into each class EACH day will receive the coordinating clear stamp (valued at $8.99) to match the range that is being used in the class – FREE!

Telegraph Road - Friendship Card Class
First up each day - Session 1:10am to 12 noon in the Kaisercraft Room I will be taking a class where you get to make a lovely stash of cars that you can have on hand to let someone know you are thinking about them and how much you appreciate their friendship - I guess in the world of iphones etc, texting and facebook, getting a card in the letterbox is a little spesh - especially when its been lovingly created by a friend.  For more details on this class and where to book go HERE... and don't forget be one of the first 10 to book in each day and you will receive FREE the coordinating clear stamp set for Telegraph Road - That is a $9 bonus already...  You will get full colour instructions so for the cards you don't finish in class you can finish them off at home..

Limelight Layout and Captured Moments Class
Then after lunch - Session 3: 2pm to 4pm you will get the best of both worlds – showcase one of your favourite photographs and see how versatile the Limelight Collection is by creating a 3D layout and then use the leftovers in pocket pages.  (the ever so talented Jess Milinkovic - who designed this awesome range will actually be up at the show demonstrating her wonderful talents and how she came about designing this range so not only can you see that but in this class you will create a gorgeous, distressed and layered background on your layout using a combination of templates, texture stamps and FUSIONS in a way you never thought possible and as an alternative to using ink pads.  You will also see how to use the Simple Scrapping papers with leftovers from the collection in pocket pages to capture those little everyday snapshots and ensure they don’t get forgotten.
For more details on what to bring to these classes, cost and where to book go HERE...  again you will get the FREE clear stamps for the LIMELIGHT collection if you are one of the first 10 to book in each day.....  Personally I LOVE these stamps - if you are into Project Life - you will want to get your hands on these stamps.....

The lovely Kylie Obst from Kaisercraft is also doing a gorgeus BTP class in the middle of mine so look online - the link will take you there and check out hers and other amazing classes on offer..

Well I hope to catch up with many familiar faces - so even if you aren't able to sit in on a class make sure you drop by and say HI.


Sunday, 22 September 2013

Christmas Cards Made Easy

There is nothing like getting an actual card in the mail at Christmas - i know many people don't have the time to make them anymore - it even takes time just to write on them so opt for the quick and easy facebook message - but it really is special when you get a hand made card as not only has someone taken the time to actual think of you and write on a card they have taken even more time to make them.   Hopefully these cards below might inspire you just a little and you can see for yourself that  you don't have to spend an hour on each card to end up with some lovely ones to give away...

Christmas Cards don't have to be daunting even though i have to admit thats a little how I felt when asked to teach a card class in Tassie last month - this was a little challenge for me as i don't usually do cards.  So it was good for me to put my head into another space.

Anyways take a Kaisercraft Paper Pad, some red and olive cards, a pack of collectables and a few other little things and that pretty much is the job done.  Full list of products used on the downloadable pdf above.
I decided to go down the path that you can keep it relatively simple and yet end up with lovely cards - oh yeah i added a few paper doilies too.....  (you can just get these from a supermarket)

Anyways i have included the instructions for each below but if you would like to download a pdf then you can do so HERE....  there is still so much paper left over in the pad that you can probably make another 10 or more.

With Christmas being only 192 days away you may just want to start soon....

Use the Olive card as the base for this Christmas Card.
Cut two rectangles 5” x 2½” from red gloss embossed pattern and the blue background with red berries.
Ink the edges and adhere as illustrated.
Cut a 1cm strip from the striped paper and adhere across the join in the centre.
Matte the Santa from perforated tag onto the green
patterned paper and adhere to card using foam tape.
Adhere half doily as illustrated.
Cut out two glossed poinsetta flowers and layer using foam tape.
Adhere the ‘25’ die cut from the collectable pack
Stamp relevant sentiment inside the card.

Use the Olive card as the base for this Christmas Card.
Ink the edges if desired.
Use clear embossing ink and stamp crackle texture  to right side of card.  Emboss with clear embossing powder.
Ink edges and lightly over the design.  
Embossed section will act as a resist.
Cuta 3½” x 1” strip from the strips and adhere to the left of card.
Matte perforated card using the blue spots paper.  Ink around the edges.
Ink glossed red paper and double matte the tag using foam tape for added dimension.
Adhere half a doily then adhere the tag using foam tape
Adhere other collectables as desired

Use the Red card as the base for this Christmas Card.
Ink the edges if desired.
Cut a 5” square from the green script paper and ink edges if desired and adhere to the centre of the card.
Cut a 4¼” x 4” rectangle from blue dots paper, ink edges and adhere to the right of the card
Adhere a border strip from the back of the pad down the left edges of the blue dots piece.
Adhere Postcard from the perforated cards with a portion of a doily and 1/2 a bracket diecut adhered underneath the bottom edge.
Adhere Christmas Quote and No. 25 collectable using foam tape for added dimesion.

Use the Red card as the base for this Christmas Card.
Ink the edges if desired.
Stamp the lattice texture design into the top right corner
Adhere doily to the card
Cut out three strips of patterned paper and cut a pennant shape into the bottom of each and adhere 
overlapping each to the left side of the card.
Adhere the large poinsetta flower to the top left corner using foam tape.
Adhere Peace, Love and Joy collectable using foam tape.
Stamp relevant sentiment inside the card.

Use the Olive card as the base for this Christmas Card.
Ink the edges if desired.
Cut a 5” square from the green hexegon patterned paper.
Cut three 4 cm strips and ink around all edges.
Adhere each strip to the card
Cut a 2½” x 3½” rectangle from the embossed red paper and ink as desired.  The gloss acts as a resist and highlights the design.
Adhere “Christmas Greeting” Collectable using foam tape - Ink edges if desired.
Ink edges of  the holly leaf collectable and adhere using foam tape.  Stamp relevant sentiment inside the card.

Use the Red card as the base for this Christmas Card.
Ink the edges if desired.
Cut a 5” square from the red flourish paper and ink edges if desired.  
Adhere to the centre of the card.
Adhere a decorative border from the back of the paper pad to the left edge of the card.
Adhere a doily to the card
Cut a 1½” x 2” strip from the green script and adhere towards the bottom of the card.
Matte a perforated card design using the red glossed paper.  Ink this glossed piece before adhering to use the gloss as a resist and highlight the design
Adhere to card with a collectable tag and flower.

Use the Red card as the base for this Christmas Card.
Emboss the card using the Tim Holtz – Book Covers Set Texture Fades (oval)  
Cut off extra card that is not embossed to the right of the design - front of card only
Ink edges of the card and over the top of embossed areas to highlight the design
Cut a 1cm strip of striped paper and adhere to the right edge of the inside of the card.  Ink edges
Ink edges of the two collectables and layer over each other using foam tape.
Stamp relevant sentiment inside the card.

Use the Olive card as the base for this Christmas Card.
Emboss the card using the Tim Holtz – Fancy Frames Texture Fades (oval frame) 
Cut around the top of the design and fold on the sides.
Ink edges of the card and over the top of embossed areas to highlight the design
Stamp Lattice texture into the bottom two corners.
Cut a 1cm strip of stripes and adhere across card
Layer the ornate shaped tags, quote and flower.
Cut a border strip down to 4” in length and adhere to inside of card using foam tape
Foam tape Merry Christmas to the centre of the border strip to hold up card when folded.

Use the Red card as the base for this Christmas Card.
Ink the edges if desired.
Mark the card at 2” from the left edge and fold
Turn card around so that it opens from the bottom
From the blue and little red berry paper cut two rectangles;  One 5” x 2¾” and the other 5” x 1”.
Adhere the larger piece to the bottom of the card and the smaller piece to the bottom of the inside of the card.
Adhere a doily to the front.
Foam mount a die cut to the inside of the card to allow the card to stay open
Layer the quote, bauble, poinsettia and bird collectables to the front using foam tape to add dimension.   
Ink edges of these before adhering if desired.

Use the Olive card as the base for this Christmas Card.
Ink the edges if desired.
Cut a 5” square from the gold foiled music paper, ink the edges and adhere to the centre of the card
Lightly ink the doily using Antique Linen
Ink the edges of the two of the perforated cards and adhere
Cut out the words CHRISTMAS and GREETINGS from the relevant word page and adhere using foam tape.
In the collectable circle with 25 on it and adhere the number 25 using foam tape.
Stamp relevant sentiment inside the card.

Use the Red card as the base for this Christmas Card.
Cut in half and trim corners to create a tag shaped card.  Punch hole in top if desired.
Ink the edges if desired.
Stamp Lattice texture on the top half of the card
Adhere half a doily
Adhere the large red rectangle quote so that it is overlaying the left edge of the tag.
Layer further collectables as desired using foam tape to add dimesnion.
Complete by adding a wooden flourish present and string to the top. 

Using the second half - Ink the edges if desired.
Stamp Lattice texture on the top half of the card
Adhere half a doilie
Adhere the large green rectangle quote from the collectables pack to the right of the tag overhanging the edge.
Layer further collectables as desired using foam tape to add dimesnion.
Complete by adding a wooden flourish present and string to the top. 

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Travelling all over the Country Side - well a little

I've been very fortunate over the past few months to have been asked to teach at a number of stores and retreats over Australia... and spread a little more of the Kaiser love..
Finally I can get to share with you a few of the projects I have been working on... 
Thanks to all the lovely girls in Western Australia and Tasmania who have made me feel really welcome and the fun that we had in the classes.

First of all a Huge thanks to Kareena from the Scrappy Cow - who entertained 50 of us in Augusta.  Kareena that was probably one of the best organized retreats I have even been on.  Thanks too for all the WA cruise ladies who came down to catch up with me also - it was a lots of fun to see you all again...
The whole weekend was Awesome and look forward to coming over again sometime....   and next time Kareena I will find "Willy" and free him.....  (long story don't ask.....)  but my feet have recovered from that loooonnng walk that was only supposed to take an hour... hmmm

After the weekend I was fortunate enough to go and visit many of the local scrap stores and see how things were going.  It was lovely to put faces to names and visit the stores I have only ever known by name.  Thanks Sue (The Scrapbook Store) for a lovely dinner on Monday night.  I then ran a class at  then did a class after the retreat at one of the local scrapbook store, Scrapbooks from the Heart - thanks Cherie and the girls for a fun class and making me feel welcome too..

Then I came back home and headed over the waters to Tasmania where I was looked after by the lovely Kylie from Kylie's Card Craft - awesome shop girls if you are in Tasmania you need to head to Latrobe - quaint little town and an awesome shop and class setup...

We had quite a bit of fun and my favourite bit had nothing to do with scrapping it was the Chocolate factory - well who would have guessed....

Anyways here's a few pics of some of the classes what we did there.... class instructions if you would like can be downloaded below each picture...
Single using both the Bricks and Leaf Templates
Paper Range - Curiosity /Basecoat
Double using both the Bricks (texture paste) and Leaf Templates
Paper Range - Curiosity / Basecoat

Texture Stamps, punches and Miss Empire Paper Collection
What I loved so much about the layout Class is converting a few people who don't like getting their fingers dirty... there were some im just saying that turned up with gloves to wear...  (nothing wrong with that - I guess I enjoy getting messy).   Anyways call it silly but that is something I get a kick out of is seeing people challenging themselves and even though they may not like the style they are willing to have a go - more often than not - I get a little thank you at the end of it for putting them outside their comfort zones.... 
you got a love a challenge hey!!!

Friday, 20 September 2013

Project Life - Capturing the Everyday Moments



Do you think i love this style of scrapping - well of course I do...

How many photographs do you actually print, let alone scrap and put into an album? I know myself, with digital photography these days, many of mine never even get sorted properly let alone get taken off the computer and actually printed. As for getting my favourite photographs scrapped and into albums there is no way I could do it scrapping traditionally and only using a couple of photographs per page.

As a "traditional" scrapbooker within the Industry, Im often asked do I like Project Life? - well yes I LOVE the concept and yes i own numerous of the packs in the current format, amongst lots of other similar products and brands.   You have to hand it to Becky Higgins for making it trendy again - would like to personally say thanks.....

Pocket Pages are NOT a new concept. Believe it or not I was a consultant with Creative Memories for 10 years and we had PicFolio Milestone Albums for many years where you just slipped photos into these albums - they called it Slip in Simplicity” for a reason.   But we definately have Becky Higgins to thank for bringing it back to the forfront and starting Project Life with a back to basics approach along the same lines, originally through We R Memory Keepers - now American Crafts, to encourage people to get back to documenting those special memories that make us who we are. Whether it be Project Life, Photo Freedom, Simple Stories, WRMK Albums Made Easy or even Kaisercraft's own Easy to Scrap Pages that come with every collection, the idea behind them is the same.
Many of us are time poor, busy working, raising families and just doing the everyday things that take time, but still really want to have a designed photo album. Using this concept, you can now do this. 
How many times have you seen a beautiful embellished scrapbook page and say - “I Love It, that but its too hard for me” - if this is the case then maybe this style of scrapbooking is worth a try. Maybe its time to get back to the basics a little and start to document the everyday little things/occasions that you don’t want to forget using pocket pages
- all you need to do is slip in photo’s and add a journal card. Even this has been made easy for you with predesigned cards with quotes and sayings on them if you are short of words. Compare this to how long it would take you to traditionally scrap the same amount of photographs and Im guessing you may give this a try.
I recently ran the pages shown above in a class to some ladies who pretty much wouldn't have anything to do with this style of scrapbooking but have to admit by the end of it we had converted a couple of them - especially for photographs that you have heaps of such as traveling on a holiday and Christmas.
For those of you who are more advanced, this way of recording memories can works for you too. Sometimes we wish we could use more or all the photos that were taken from an occasion but they aren’t always good enough for a traditional scrapbooked page. Maybe you just have too many (I know that problem) to put on a page. But if you look closely, its those photographs (especially where the kids are mucking up) that tell a story and need to be shown in some way.  You know the ones that you have 1001 ridiculous looking selfies on your camera that they took whilst you weren't watching..

Use the pocket pages to tell the WHOLE story and capture all the little moments you want to remember. Keep them simple or if you have more time on your hands you can take it to another level and further embellish if desired. 
But WAIT.......... there is more........
the part I love the most, is that you can also....
HIGHLIGHT your favourite photos by scrapping a whole page traditionally and store in the normal Refill pages.  Insert these refill pages between the pocket pages in your album for added interest.
THIS WAY YOU GET THE BEST OF BOTH SCRAPPING WORLDS and we need to get back to basics and and tell the stories behind our photographs for our future generations.